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Green Application

So, You're running a Green Business Right?

That’s great and I applaud to your efforts! But wait! It needs a proof to your claim and this Green Application Form may help you solidify your stance. 

I know it is not that easy, and congratulations for trying, and proving to others (especially your detractors) that you can do it! While I recognized deeply your efforts, and believe me, I’ll give you an A++ for that. Still, you need to prove not only to yourself, but your fans that what you’re having, is a Legit “Green Business“. This Green Application may help you solidify the Answer to their ever piercing questions. 

Business Validation is an integral part of our business. In short, market-acceptance. However, sometimes, there are legit businesses that shy away from it because of the bureaucracy, and the skyrocket fees in validating your application form. Our Green Application Form was designed to stimulate the reader in agreeing with your claim, being the owner or manager of your “Green Business“. It simulates the real thing to help Green Business Operators in supporting their stand and beliefs.  

By the way, this Green Application Form of ours was designed in a Cambodian setting. Even though It may be useful to other neighboring ASEAN Countries, still, I urge you on filling the gaps by yourselves, especially if you believed that some of the spaces provided neither missing, nor appropriate in your region. 

This Document will Bind Us Together

Please Take Your Time To Read and Complete This Application Form. Once You’ve Completed, It Will Serve You As A Big Support, To Back-Up All Of Your Claims For The Public’s General Interest.

Please Write Your Business Name As Appeared in Your Website or Social Media
Please Select Your Province and Municipality
This is to identify your business sector
To support your claim, show certification or proof of work Product or Services
Example: Poor, Good, Better, WOW!
Example: Company123 Co., Ltd
Include Street, House Number, Commune
Please include Month and Year
Include Street, House Number, Commune
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects are created to support the local community
Please Share Your Green Program That Successfully Influence People
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects are created to support the local community
Please Share Your CSR Programs and Schedules
Example: EcoTourism Expo, Handicraft Show, Green Training
Example: Blog Guesting, Featured Articles
Example: Seller of Eco-Materials, Organic Food Distributor
Example: 3rd Party Vendor, Outside Private Institution,

Should You Have Any Question or Questions On How To Use This Application Form, Or Should You Wish To Add More Information, You Can Send Your Query or Queries To Us And We Will Do Our Very Best To Respond To You The Soonest.

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GIGO is an acronym for Green Industries, Green Organizations.