Eco-Business Development Consultation, Advice and more!

We have the full experience and capability of providing you with unique Eco Services and Products, Business ideas (especially marketing), well-sound calculated advice, and risk analysis to prevent damages or loss while conducting the business.

Our Eco-Services are divided into:

1 – Consulting Services

  1. Corporate Strategy Development
  2. Idea Generation & Application
  3. Product & Service Creation
  4. Marketing & Sales Strategy
  5. Product Distribution
  6. Communication Strategy
  7. Training & Development

2 – Contracting Services

  1. Eco-Business Development
  2. Eco-Product Distribution
  3. Eco-Product Research & Development
  4. Green Marketing-Business Planning
  5. Eco-Website Development
  6. Eco- Events & Promotion Strategy
  7. Eco- Training & Development

3 – Investing Services

  1. Eco-Franchising Development
  2. Eco-Events Creation & Development
  3. Eco-Tourism Project Development
  4. Eco-Business Product Development
  5. Eco-Sites & Properties

4 – Team Building Services

Added Scope on Eco-Services:

Design Assistance

Are you looking for that Green Design both exquisite and charming for your your branding? We do not have only the skills, but also a barrage of Eco-friendly manufacturers and suppliers to provide support and back-up your claim.

Feasibility Studies

If you are keen to enter the Cambodian market with your Green products or services but, lacking of Feasibility Studies or data stats to support your tactics and strategies, then let’s meet up and hear your side

Marketing Assistance

With years of experience in this field, it is strongly recommended to include this in your business operation in order to create separation from your competitors. If you’re unsure what is your edge against your rivals, then talk and examine it closely

Contents Development

In this era where cloud computing services, smart phones and social media became an integral part of today’s business-lifestyle, truly it is a must have tool in order to promote your business. Are you looking for a way to build that online presence of yours, but have no time, we can help you for sure.

Lobbying Support

Green G8 Co., Ltd., a legal business operated and supported by licenses from various Government Agencies. We are Fully acknowledged by our Partner-Alliances for being a Green Minded Company and for having a similar platform and a genuine way to contribute to the society