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Once you have entered our gates, here at Green G8, YOU ARE DESTINED to Contribute GOODNESS to the Environment, and the Society while doing Business.

Green G8 Co., Ltd., also known as Green G8 is a unique company, offering Environment-Friendly Marketing and Business Development Consulting Services.

We are powered by a Green Engine, filled with unmatched strength and passion and vision. 

We have established our business to prioritize, promote, develop and market the Green Industry of Cambodia – since 2014.

About Green G8

We called it Infinity Gate and it is connected to the Triple Bottom Line Business Framework. When you do business with us, you are definitely contributing to Goodness!

We are offering Eco-Friendly Products and Green Marketing and Consulting Services. We are actively promoting the Green Industry of Cambodia since 2014.

All products, businesses and projects we are carrying are connected with the 3BL Business Concept
– It has Social Values
– Our products & services are Eco-Friendly
– The project is Feasible or Profitable

We have established our company to: Promote, Prioritize, Develop and Market the Green Industry of Cambodia – to the world!

  1. We (The Company) will link eco-friendly products and companies of Cambodia to the world!
  2. We (The Company) are Serving an important primary role, and we promised to remain steadfast to hold the foundation of our gate!

We always include the triple bottom line in all of our business-decision-making process. This is the norm of our business, which is the core foundation of our business operation.

It is the year 2014 when we, a small group of friends have started a website listing service, named GIGO (Green Industries. Green Organizations.), with the mission to collect and promote the increasing number of Green Business operators in Cambodia

Throughout the course of operating the business, we have learned a lot, successfully compiled a list of eco-friendly establishments and service providers, doubled our network, and have successfully created business partnerships throughout the country.

In short, our entry into the niche market (Green Market) was great! From here, we have learned about how to contribute to the society, while doing an honest business. 

Fast forward to now, and after learning from our mistakes, being more mature and confident than ever, we have established this firm (Green G8), in order for us to reach out further, able to help, and to deliver MORE GOODNESS to our clients and partners.

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Message From Green G8

Green G8 Director

Jesse A. Atienza



Green G8 is a special company driven by the Green Business Ethics, commonly known as the Triple-Bottom-Line. All of our business decision-making-process must be in alignment with it, and  99.99% of what you will discover on this website, pertains to Eco-Businesses and CSR Projects within the Kingdom….

We have a clear vision of where we are heading and what we will gain from it. Even though, we only have just started, but already proud of the amount of Appreciation we received from our partners, customers and investors.

We are confident with our Future, and We will remain steadfast in our commitment of holding the foundation of our gate, for as long as there are people (like you) who believed in the same principles we are carrying. 

Figuratively speaking, the Green Industry is growing. Although it’s still considered by many as a Niche Market, but believed to be a lucrative one! 

If you are having the same vision as ours, then I hope that after visiting this site, we can encourage you to invest in the business of doing good here in Cambodia – on whatever shape or form.

Thanks again for dropping by and with all the best wishes,


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