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Eco-Friendly Photos

Eco-Friendly Photos

January 2020

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As I move around the city, I cannot help but to notice shop owners and companies that are trying to make a difference by displaying Eco-Friendly Photos, Posters or Announcements, and Eco-friendly utilities in supporting their day-to-day operation. 

In a random way, I am pleased to share these Eco-Friendly Photos I took while roaming around the city of Siem Reap. Their contribution may not pose big as you think. Still, I considered them impressive and inspirational.  

Hope you’ll like it. 

Eco-Friendly Photos taken in Siem Reap

Electric Scooter by "nori nori"

Evino - Electric Scooter by Yamaha​

In the effort to provide consumers with a choice of Eco-Friendly Vehicles, “nori nori” launched a small fleet of battery powered scooter for your excursion in Siem Reap

Smart Vehicle by Re:Man (by AG Cambodia)

Smart Vehicle made from Toyota Spare parts

At first, this golf cart may look simple and ordinary, but it is not. Re:Man is special and powerful because of its Toyota Prius engine. Just for your convenience Re:Man stands for re-manufactured spare parts from Prius vehicle

Effort To Lessen Single-Use Plastic Bags

Photo taken inside Lucky Mall Group

Providing all customers with a choice in supporting their effort to lessen the usage of Single-use plastic bags.

Eco-Friendly "Takeaway" Food Container

Photo taken inside Blue Pumpkin

Eco-friendly takeaway food packaging made from palm leaves.

Waste Segregation Effort

Photo taken inside St. John Catholic Church

Want to know the proper way on Waste Segregation? Read more

Recycling Effort by Solution to Styrofoam Project

Photo taken inside Kool Building

If you want to join our efforts, then donate your used Styrofoam to Solution to Styro Project. For more information, please follow this link

Fridge Magnets by Solution to Styrofoam Project

Services with Smile
Distributed by Solution to Styrofoam Project

For more information, please follow this link

Alternative to Plastic Bottle

Photo taken inside Travencore Indian Restaurant

Please do not re-use your 1 Liter Plastic Bottle to store your drinking water. Instead, invest in a glass bottle for your health safety.

Aluminum Water Bottles

Alternative to Plastic Water Bottle distributed by Green G8

Eco-Friendly Photos taken in Siem Reap

Eco-Awareness Effort

Photo taken inside Ministry of Environment (Siem Reap Department)

If you want to know more about the Ministry of Environment of the Kindom of Cambodia, please visit their website today.

Promoting Garbage Free Kulen Mountain

Photo taken at Kulen Mountain Ticket Center

You will see this announcement everywhere in Kulen Mountain.

Recycling Effort

Photo taken at street road restaurant

Disposable Paper Plate

Photo take inside Starbucks Siem Reap

Recycling Plastic Bottles

Photo taken inside Phtea Sangkheum

Are you looking for a place to stay in Siem Reap, and be at one with the local community? Visit House of Hope and experience Local Tourism

Eco-Friendly Cups and Tissue

Photo taken inside Brown Coffee Siem Reap

Eco-Awareness Promotion

Photo taken inside Brown Coffee Siem Reap

Eco-Friendly Photos Summary​

I hope that you like these Eco-Friendly Photos and hopefully, they can inspire you on doing the same, or more. 

To the men and women behind these Eco-Friendly Photos, a big salute to all of you. Please continue what you are doing to our environment, and to our society.  

Again, thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Enjoy!

Chico Mayor

An Amateur Photographer and a Storyteller using nothing but Canon M10 and Huawei Nova 2I